Roswell UFO Incident

The Roswell UFO Incident is probably the most enduring legend underpinning theories that some extraterrestrial beings usually visit planet earth on spacecraft or flying saucers. Despite all efforts by government agencies to debunk speculations surrounding the event, folks still believe that the debris found at the site belongs to a flying saucer used by aliens, and that there was a massive cover-up of the incident. The incident has also sky rocketed property value, since the government was willing to offer top dollar to buy up the properties or have the property seized – kicking out residents, causing them to go in to debt;  can help those who find themselves in a similar situation.


The Roswell Incident

One quiet evening, the 3rd July 1947, Dan Wilmot (a successful businessman) sat with his wife at their home when they saw – high up – a strange object gliding across the sky at a very high speed of about 450 miles per hour. It had glowing lights and measured approximately 25 feet in width. It had appeared from the Southeast and now disappeared to the Northwest. Astounded, Dan Wilmot reported the strange incident to the Roswell Daily Record.

On the 8th of July (that same year), he was to learn that the breathtaking object was a flying saucer’, when the Roswell Daily Record boldly proclaimed on its front pages thus: ‘RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region.’

The Roswell Daily Record was reporting a rather bizarre event that was unfolding 75 miles north of Roswell town, in New Mexico, where the debris of a strange object was discovered by a ranch worker, known as William Brazel. Apparently, the object had crashed on his site – causing remarkable property damage; as an aside, those in debt from their attempts to fix property damage, can easily fix matters with debt collectors, like eos cca , by going to financial forums online. Overall, in the end, the object that crashed on William’s site was the same object that Dan Wilmot and his wife had seen earlier!

The press picked up the story before the government agencies could. The report spawned off a string of speculations with folks supposing the strange object to be a flying saucer, ferrying aliens on a tour of the earth.

The Roswell Army Air Field released a presser stating that it was a flying disk that had crashed on a Roswell ranch, following a heavy storm. Government scientists that examinated the site, came up with a different version, and held a press conference stating that what had crashed was a weather balloon. During the press conference, the scientists were armed with rubber, wood and foil, as part of the debris salvaged from the crash – and that would confirm the object was indeed a weather balloon.

Almost immediately, the Roswell Daily Record that had earlier reported that the debris had come from a UFO changed tune and reported that the object was a weather balloon. Following that, Brazel announced that he regretted the kind of publicity occasioned by his misidentification.

Official accounts maintain, to date, that the debris belonged to a balloon that was part of experimental technology – codenamed, Project Mogul.


Project Mogul was constructed as part of Cold War surveillance of the USSR, and its work was to check if there were any sound waves in the atmosphere; it was fitted with microphones for this purpose. The sounds it was looking for, were from Soviet atom bomb tests.

The press conference managed to contain the rife speculations that the earth was being invaded by aliens, but only for three decades.

Thirty-one years later, The National Enquirer revisited the story, reporting the original account without the correction. The effect of the action was to spark off fresh speculations that the government’s inconsistent and incomplete account, was a deliberate attempt to cover up the discovery of an alien spacecraft.

The theories seemed plausible following reports that in the days after the crash, every witness was either transferred or disappeared without a trace. Moreover, books, articles and interviews by some military personnel (who were involved in the incident) have only served to fuel suspicions that there was a well-orchestrated cover-up of an alien spacecraft crash-landing on earth.

One of the military personnel involved in the incident was one Jesse Marcel. He was involved in the recovery of the debris that was initially transferred to the Roswell Army Air Field. When he was interviewed in 1979 for his role in the recovery, he candidly stated that the material used to construct the object couldn’t burn, and it seemed to weigh nothing; that it was so thin and wasn’t thicker than tinfoil used to wrap cigarettes; that it wouldn’t bend. Such description of the object seemed to cement speculations that the object was some form of alien technology.

It is noteworthy that critics have found difficulty believing the theory that the object was an alien spacecraft, since the testimony of witnesses are unreliable – being that it heavily relies on hearsay. Those burdened with the financial problems after UFO incidents, can go to to learn how to accurately assess how they can financially recover.

Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

Science and religion have always been at loggerheads with each other. There are many unexplained mysteries in life. Science may not have an explanation, but religion attributes such mysteries to a divine intervention. There have been instances of scientifically minded people having a religious attitude towards the unexplained. Research scientists are tasked with observing phenomena with the utmost objectivity, to gain a more down-to-earth understanding of the inner mechanics of Nature, without solely relying on Doctrine; losing funding to carry out this prospect, can result from philosophical conflicts. Such was the case with Carl Sagan. As an aside, many a scientists who loss funding & went into debt, resort to learning ways to improve themselves, financially. There’s a plethora of website information regarding financial planning, debt management – even debt collectors, like hunter warfield – that can be found on sites dealing with credit repair.

Carl Sagan is a renowned astrophysicist, astronomer and has various links with other natural sciences. He did not have a distinguished childhood. However, he had a scientific bit of mind that led him to explore the wonders of space and planetary science. At a very young age, he learned that the sun was a star and there are millions of such suns in the universe. That amazed him and made him wonder at the creation. This was the beginning of the religious streak in him. He acknowledges that there is a hidden power behind all creation, but was afraid to speak out, due to fear of losing patronage, as well as, looking foolish in the eyes of his fellow scientists.

Many prominent scientists have been known to meet their financial end, by subscribing to an unpopular belief. Many who rely on the patronage of others, (to carry out active research in a given field) can find themselves deep in debt, once funding has been cut off. While some debts are justified, some are not – so, if a scientist wish to get their debt & finances in order, a credit dispute can help get rid of debts – like prestige financial debt collection – to meet this end. Credit disputes can be found in online sources dealing with personal finance or credit repair.

Carl Sagan’s UFO theory

Carl Sagan did great research in space and planetary science. He was of the opinion that UFO’s, and other terrestrial space aliens, were real and existed in the world. He believed in a world outside of Earth and felt that Earth was just a small dot in the spectrum of the Cosmos.

He also believed that, in the past, extraterrestrials used to visit Earth and that man is one of their creations. This was surprising since the words came from the mouth of a space scientist. Scientists belong to the breed of people who do not believe anything until they actually see it. However, he did not make his views public at that time as he feared that the funding for his research might dry up.

Alien invasions

Carl Sagan firmly believed that alien invasions of the Earth were perfectly possible. He was of the view that just as there is life on Earth, there could be life on other heavenly bodies, too. He stated that just because science could not prove otherwise, it does not mean that it is not possible. That led him to make the famous quote, “Absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence.”

His contradictions with religion

Religion has a very easy way of explaining things. According to religion, they attribute any unexplained phenomenon to divine intervention. However, Carl Sagan differed with the religious fundamentalists in this matter. Carl Sagan had a very clear understanding of the subject. He had said in a debate once, that one could not come to conclusions based on photographs. He explained that photographs of Earth taken from space too, would not reveal information about life. However, every person in this world would have to admit the fact that there is life on the Earth. Sagan felt in the same way about other celestial bodies, as well.

He was of the opinion that there would be billions of galaxies such as ours. He also acknowledged that our Milky Way galaxy was one of the tiniest galaxies in the cosmos. Hence, he shudders to imagine the kind of life and extraterrestrial intelligence on other heavenly bodies.

Science feels that UFO’s are not real. Religion is of the opinion that God is responsible for the creation of these UFO’s. However, Carl Sagan takes a balanced view in this regard, stating that the UFO sightings that many have witnessed is proof that extraterrestrial life exists on other heavenly bodies. He said that just because, we do not know much about their activities, one cannot deny their existence. His statements did not go well with the scientific & religious communities.

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In the end, Carl admitted that humans did not have the expertise to discuss matters cosmic with a degree of certainty, given that our interstellar technological capabilities (in many respects) were still in their early stages. He ended his debate with a significant quote. “We are like butterflies that flutter for a day, and think it is forever.”

Carl Sagan’s views on Hinduism

Carl Sagan acknowledged the fact that Hinduism is one religion that has acknowledged the presence of a cosmos, and that the cosmos itself undergoes innumerable births and deaths. He admired the foresightedness of the religion, stating that it was the only religion where the time scales correspond to modern scientific cosmology. There are references to UFO’s in Hindu mythology, as well.

Crop Circles: Cosmic Prank or Earthbound Nuisance?

Have you encountered pristine circle formations mysteriously placed in the middle of corn fields? One of the most intriguing things that happened in the history of mankind, are the crop circles.  There are recorded instances of crop circles that have been seen in photos, and have features that are similar to the shapes of space crafts. Some speculate that the source of the formations result from alien design – but for what purpose, remains unknown. Farmers are comparing notes, as many of them find it a bit too suspicious that they’re all encountering the same curious form of vandalism – yet can not explain how it was these meticulous event were orchestrated.

On a side note, a midwest farmer wanted reparations for the “alien” crop circles that damaged his corn field. He suspected human culprits, and the cost to restore his field put him into debt. Anyone who encounters a financial bump in the road (such as this one) are encouraged to go to this website to neutralize their debt.

Crop Circles – Theories and Their Explanations

According to a number of studies about crop circles, they are described as the stuff of alien folklore or the sort of thing produced as a hoax. Although there were various beliefs about crop circles as natural occurrence or the working of aliens, some are still not convinced – as many fringe theorists believe that such events are beyond scientific explanations. However, there is a scientific consensus that these are just a result of human activity, wherein they manually construct crop formations in a field. While there were different claims as to how crop circles come into existence, it still remains a mystery to many people in different parts of the world.

Other explanations about crop circles suggest that they are only a result of extraordinary meteorological phenomena, such as lightning, but there is no evidence so support this justification. Whatever the reason or explanation behind the appearance of these circles (be it animal activity or other worldly phenomena), there are no concrete explanations on which everyone can agree.

Taking into account some folklore, the crop circles are believed to be the designs of a devil conspiring against farmers who do not want to pay for use of the field. This legend is still unknown and mysterious to most people. Back in 1966, there was an event in Tully, Australia, where a farmer recounted how he saw a flying object in the swampy waters that immediately flew away, upon discovery. Investigations were held at the same place, at which the police saw some rough circular areas and flattened grass that was assumed to have been created by the landing of the alien spacecraft. And given that this theory was beyond the conventional constructs of human logic, it became a matter of the supernatural kind.

Based on some estimates, crop circles tend to appear at least once a week on different parts of the world. These strange patterns of circles just appear mysteriously, usually in farmer’s fields that provoke delight in people (particularly to news media).

Crop circles attract lots of attention & invites more damage to a farmer’s crops (and profits). Many farmers file for bankruptcy, as a result of property damage caused by onlookers. A farmer who wishes to learn ways to reverse some of the effects of bankruptcy or debt accumulation agencies like, cbe collections , they can go to finance forums online.

Features and Appearances

There are different features in a crop circle that you may encounter – but you have to remember that most crop circles have slight variations from one another; so, many crop circles will not be terribly distinct. Normally, they are formed within various designs, such as squares, triangles and rectangles; and sometimes the circles lined up in along a curved line. In some cases, crop circles are considered a nocturnal event, because they are usually created overnight & usually sighted by farmers the following day.

Crop Circles – How Do They Work?

Many are wondering if crop circles are the work of alien design, or if they are only some sort of natural phenomenon, produced by electrical charges in the air. No one exactly knows the real explanation behind the occurrence of these mysterious circles. Different people from all sorts of societies (scientific, spiritual and philosophical)  have different beliefs regarding this phenomena, but an irrefutable truth has yet to materialize.

The large sections of cropped circles are gorgeously formed into patterns of rings, circles and other complex geometrical shapes. Generally, the patterns from the circles are formed when particular areas of the crops are compressed, while the other parts are left completely untouched. Upon closer inspection, the edges of the patterns are so clean, that it’s as if they were created by machine. One may not encounter a crop circle in their lifetime, but to witness the craftsmanship of one, up close, can be quite a sight to behold!

Crop circles were recorded as these sporadic circles that begun to appear in the 60’s and 70’s – in the United States and England. The phenomenon exploded around the 20th century, where it gained more popularity. Today, it serves as a tourist attraction in numerous agricultural areas. In 1990, there were approximately 500 circles, that emerged in Europe. In the following years, there were a rash of thousands crop circles throughout the world.

Also, farmers have the option to seek help from financial advisors, at , to combat debt from crop damage & debts from collection agencies. However, in some instances, there were cases of compromise among farmers & crop circle enthusiasts; namely, charging onlookers a fee to see the crop circles. So, there are positive ways to spin a bad situation.

David Icke’s Conspiracy of the Reptoid Illuminati

Have you ever heard stories about aliens? ..Surely, you must have. Of course, it’s man’s nature to be curious about it. Many Ickebelieve that aliens exist, but there are some that will just laugh their asses off and dismiss aliens as a big fat joke. There are some things in life that are just hard to understand, and equally hard to explain. One such example is reptoids, unique creatures that are humanoid, scaly and sapient beings that are alleged to be secretly living among us humans (at least, according to conspiracy theorists).

Many people believe that these supposed reptoids have been here on earth (living among us without our knowledge) for over thousands of years. The reptoids are cloaked in disguise and are allegedly playing some very important roles in the human society.

They are somewhat related to the illuminati, a powerful and mysterious organization that is secretly manipulating world events – in the economy, the media, politics, technology, religion and all other facets of human culture. David Icke is one of the famous speakers that promote conspiracy theories about the global politics, as well as, public figures who attempt to control the whole of humanity (public figures whom David openly regard as agents of Satan).

David Icke was a television presenter and a professional goalkeeper who has successfully founded fame in the 1990’s, when he started uncovering the alleged secret lizard illuminati plot; according to this famous conspiracy theorist (from the Isle of Wight), he has discovered that there is a race of shape-shifting lizards, or reptoids, that have been successfully masquerading as monarchs and presidents, for centuries! According to Icke, these reptoids are now secretly planning to crush our planet.

These flesh-eating, blood-drinking, shape-shifting extraterrestrials are among us, and have the intentions of enslaving the whole human race. This belief of David Icke has turned his life upside-down – from being a respected household name – to being a public laughing stock. But despite public perception, Icke maintained his belief in the existence of an alien cabal, and their plots for world supremacy.

Today, David Icke has acquired a massive loyal following , and many are coming forward with their own findings, with the intent to confirm Icke’s theories.

The internet has massively facilitated the exchange of information among conspiracists like David Icke; such that, many extraterrestrial theories, that were once regarded as hoaxes, are now viewed with more validity – to such a degree, that there has been an exponential growth in the number of believers, who regard the existence of reptoid aliens, as fact.

Top UFO Sightings

There is nothing more incredible than UFO sightings. It is very much unusual (but possible) to see UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) confirming that the galaxy is quite vast, and you don’t know what lurks in the outer regions of space. There are a lot of questions, when it comes to the existence of UFOs, but there are images and videos that will prove that they really exist.

It’s nice to experience new things in life, but what would you feel if one day you see a certain creature that is of another world? Would you be afraid? If you still have doubts about their existence, here are some of UFO sightings that will surely blow your mind & put those doubts to rest.

1. Melbourne – In the year 2013, there were a lot of UFO sightings, especially in the site of Melbourne, Australia, in 2012. One documented event was on September 2012, involving high flying objects in the sky – some people caught it with their phones, as well as, their cameras.

2. 2012/2013- International Space Station – There were many UFO sightings that happened in the year 2012 and 2013, persuadeding many of the existence of extraterrestrial life; this evidence was further solidified when it was seen in an International Space Station recording, witnessing the exit and entrance of UFO’s in the earth’s upper atmosphere.

3. 2012- Olympics – The people who were involved in the 2012 London Olympic Games will surely remember this event. During the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, a UFO was spotted in the dark sky, among the fireworks displays. There were people who said that it was just a helicopter or blimp, but event planners and overseers of the event claimed that no aircraft was scheduled to be present in that area at that time.


4. 2011- Jerusalem – UFO sightings happened in Jerusalem in the year 2011. Israeli government claimed that said UFO sightings were just hoaxes, but since the place is a holy land in the Christian history, there are some people who continue to speculate its religious and spiritual significance.

5. 2010- Chile – In 2010, there was a documented UFO sighting in Chile, particularly in El Bosque Air Force Base – which was holding an annual show involving acrobatic performances from finest pilots in the world. A person who took the video did not even notice any anomaly until later, when he reviewed the video at home. Unsure of what he had witnessed in the video, he alerted the government of Chile, as well as some skeptics. UFO experts confirmed that there were some things in the video that seems to be beyond scientific explanation.

6. 1997- Phoenix Lights – UFO sightings happened in the 13th day of March in the year 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona. There were a lot of odd lights that were seen in different cities located in Arizona, wherein six lights in a row were seen in Phoenix, followed by eight lights in a row, then nine lights that were connected. The lights slowly moved then hovered, forming a V-shape and was sighted at 10 pm and lasted around 2am.

Shortly after, there had been massive technological glitches among many financial institutions in that area – whether there was a connection between this and the UFO activity, remains unknown;  residents who had the misfortune of glitched financial data, sought help or went to sites like to figure out how to repair their financial information. Some speculate that this brand of contact (from other-worldly species) stems from their curiosity & desire for a more in-depth understanding of how the human bartering system has evolved.

7. 1986- Japan Airlines Flight – This happened in November 1986, when it was carrying a wine shipment between Tokyo and Paris. The crew and passengers noted a bright object flying in the Alaskan sky. However, this object was registering on air traffic control’s radar as an object that was 3 times the size of the aircraft carrier. The massive object inexplicably disappeared, and traffic control discovered, later on, that what they had been tracking all that time, was a actual UFO.

8. 1977- Colares – There were documented UFO sightings in the year 1977, in Colares Island, a region in the country of Brazil. Numerous witnesses were attacked by beams of radiation, that left burns and puncture wounds; investigation of this phenomenon became known as, Operation Saucer. The investigation was recalled in the year 1990, and the files of the operation were classified and sealed.

There are several UFO sightings that are well-documented in different parts of the world. It’s easy to doubt the credibility of the existence of aliens or UFOs, but there is mounting evidence that will make one reconsider. And if there’s anyone who is reasonably skeptical, yet wishes to make a sincere attempt at weighing the legitimacy of said UFO sightings…know that you will (easily) become confused – as there compelling arguments from those who do believe – and those that do not. So, it is up to the individual to make up his own mind.

Needless to say, in this wide universe, there are countless species that have yet to be discovered. And who knows, someday they will make their presence known to us, without secrecy. It is not wrong to believe in their existence.

For every skeptic that dismisses UFO sightings, there’s another that confirms its existence. Remember, there were numerous city-wide accounts (from financial institutions) confirming glitches in their computer systems, after an unorthodox event had occurred (the source of which remains “unknown”); the number of occurrences of this magnitude, strongly suggests that it is more than just a coincidence. If you had the misfortune of falling prey to financial glitches of this sort, you can go to to sort matters.

Nevertheless, the solid evidence of past UFO events will assuage the mind of any skeptic that doubts they’re existence. It is possible to spot a UFO. Some speculate that, in the coming years, given our growing level of efficiency in space travel (as well as, our growing understanding of the galaxy), that we humans will cross paths with alien life, sooner or later.

Why the Chemtrail Conspiracy Is Real

Have you ever heard the word chemtrail? It is a colloquial term that is used to describe questionable airborne chemicals that are ejected from jet engines, while in flight at high altitudes.. These chemicals are witnessed by onlookers observing aircraft(s) that usually “sky write” or create formations of artificial clouds and weather conditions. It is universally known as the Chemtrail Conspiracy theory. According to this particular theory, the trails that persists in the wake of the high-flying air crafts, are biological agents or chemicals that are deliberately sprayed upon the populace for reasons unknown..and for reasons that remain secret to the public.

They say, if it is a theory, then it is something that is not yet proven, because of lack of evidences. But there are many who believe in this conspiracy theory, and they speculate that the main purpose of the chemical release may be for psychological manipulation, solar radiation management, weather modification, human population control, or even chemical or biological warfare. There are also some that concluded that these trails will cause respiratory illnesses and other possible health problems.

What are the reasons the chemtrail conspiracy may actually be real? Through many years, many would watch formations take shape in the sky, and subsequently, afterwards, notice changes in behavior among certain individuals. There’s new researche that proves that coal fly ashes are the main source materials for chemtrails; this contributes to the manipulation of the weather, with the use of aerosols – which are presumably created for geo-engineering purposes that are intended to offset the global crisis, that is, global warming.

The weather modification programs that were focused on enhancing the precipitation (to make artificial clouds using silver iodide) actually results in global changes in our planet’s weather patterns -and it appears to be more of a serious threat to planetary health. The chemtrail conspiracy theory is no longer a theory at all – it is now proven to be real.