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Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

Science and religion have always been at loggerheads with each other. There are many unexplained mysteries in life. Science may not have an explanation, but religion attributes such mysteries to a divine intervention. There have been instances of scientifically minded people having a religious attitude towards the unexplained. Research scientists are tasked with observing phenomena with the utmost objectivity, to gain a more down-to-earth understanding of the inner mechanics of Nature, without solely relying on Doctrine; losing funding to carry out this prospect, can result from philosophical conflicts. Such was the case with Carl Sagan. As an aside, many a scientists who loss funding & went into debt, resort to learning ways to improve themselves, financially. There’s a plethora of website information regarding financial planning, debt management – even debt collectors, like hunter warfield – that can be found on sites dealing with credit repair.

Carl Sagan is a renowned astrophysicist, astronomer and has various links with other natural sciences. He did not have a distinguished childhood. However, he had a scientific bit of mind that led him to explore the wonders of space and planetary science. At a very young age, he learned that the sun was a star and there are millions of such suns in the universe. That amazed him and made him wonder at the creation. This was the beginning of the religious streak in him. He acknowledges that there is a hidden power behind all creation, but was afraid to speak out, due to fear of losing patronage, as well as, looking foolish in the eyes of his fellow scientists.

Many prominent scientists have been known to meet their financial end, by subscribing to an unpopular belief. Many who rely on the patronage of others, (to carry out active research in a given field) can find themselves deep in debt, once funding has been cut off. While some debts are justified, some are not – so, if a scientist wish to get their debt & finances in order, a credit dispute can help get rid of debts – like prestige financial debt collection – to meet this end. Credit disputes can be found in online sources dealing with personal finance or credit repair.

Carl Sagan’s UFO theory

Carl Sagan did great research in space and planetary science. He was of the opinion that UFO’s, and other terrestrial space aliens, were real and existed in the world. He believed in a world outside of Earth and felt that Earth was just a small dot in the spectrum of the Cosmos.

He also believed that, in the past, extraterrestrials used to visit Earth and that man is one of their creations. This was surprising since the words came from the mouth of a space scientist. Scientists belong to the breed of people who do not believe anything until they actually see it. However, he did not make his views public at that time as he feared that the funding for his research might dry up.

Alien invasions

Carl Sagan firmly believed that alien invasions of the Earth were perfectly possible. He was of the view that just as there is life on Earth, there could be life on other heavenly bodies, too. He stated that just because science could not prove otherwise, it does not mean that it is not possible. That led him to make the famous quote, “Absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence.”

His contradictions with religion

Religion has a very easy way of explaining things. According to religion, they attribute any unexplained phenomenon to divine intervention. However, Carl Sagan differed with the religious fundamentalists in this matter. Carl Sagan had a very clear understanding of the subject. He had said in a debate once, that one could not come to conclusions based on photographs. He explained that photographs of Earth taken from space too, would not reveal information about life. However, every person in this world would have to admit the fact that there is life on the Earth. Sagan felt in the same way about other celestial bodies, as well.

He was of the opinion that there would be billions of galaxies such as ours. He also acknowledged that our Milky Way galaxy was one of the tiniest galaxies in the cosmos. Hence, he shudders to imagine the kind of life and extraterrestrial intelligence on other heavenly bodies.

Science feels that UFO’s are not real. Religion is of the opinion that God is responsible for the creation of these UFO’s. However, Carl Sagan takes a balanced view in this regard, stating that the UFO sightings that many have witnessed is proof that extraterrestrial life exists on other heavenly bodies. He said that just because, we do not know much about their activities, one cannot deny their existence. His statements did not go well with the scientific & religious communities.

He had taken a middle route. As mentioned earlier, any scientist who finds themselves in a similar predicament, oftentimes, lose funding and go into debt; a scientist in this circumstance can learn how to reverse some of the financial downturn. Website platforms on finance & debt collectors, like national credit,  can further demonstrate financial recovery.

In the end, Carl admitted that humans did not have the expertise to discuss matters cosmic with a degree of certainty, given that our interstellar technological capabilities (in many respects) were still in their early stages. He ended his debate with a significant quote. “We are like butterflies that flutter for a day, and think it is forever.”

Carl Sagan’s views on Hinduism

Carl Sagan acknowledged the fact that Hinduism is one religion that has acknowledged the presence of a cosmos, and that the cosmos itself undergoes innumerable births and deaths. He admired the foresightedness of the religion, stating that it was the only religion where the time scales correspond to modern scientific cosmology. There are references to UFO’s in Hindu mythology, as well.