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Crop Circles: Cosmic Prank or Earthbound Nuisance?

Have you encountered pristine circle formations mysteriously placed in the middle of corn fields? One of the most intriguing things that happened in the history of mankind, are the crop circles.  There are recorded instances of crop circles that have been seen in photos, and have features that are similar to the shapes of space crafts. Some speculate that the source of the formations result from alien design – but for what purpose, remains unknown. Farmers are comparing notes, as many of them find it a bit too suspicious that they’re all encountering the same curious form of vandalism – yet can not explain how it was these meticulous event were orchestrated.

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Crop Circles – Theories and Their Explanations

According to a number of studies about crop circles, they are described as the stuff of alien folklore or the sort of thing produced as a hoax. Although there were various beliefs about crop circles as natural occurrence or the working of aliens, some are still not convinced – as many fringe theorists believe that such events are beyond scientific explanations. However, there is a scientific consensus that these are just a result of human activity, wherein they manually construct crop formations in a field. While there were different claims as to how crop circles come into existence, it still remains a mystery to many people in different parts of the world.

Other explanations about crop circles suggest that they are only a result of extraordinary meteorological phenomena, such as lightning, but there is no evidence so support this justification. Whatever the reason or explanation behind the appearance of these circles (be it animal activity or other worldly phenomena), there are no concrete explanations on which everyone can agree.

Taking into account some folklore, the crop circles are believed to be the designs of a devil conspiring against farmers who do not want to pay for use of the field. This legend is still unknown and mysterious to most people. Back in 1966, there was an event in Tully, Australia, where a farmer recounted how he saw a flying object in the swampy waters that immediately flew away, upon discovery. Investigations were held at the same place, at which the police saw some rough circular areas and flattened grass that was assumed to have been created by the landing of the alien spacecraft. And given that this theory was beyond the conventional constructs of human logic, it became a matter of the supernatural kind.

Based on some estimates, crop circles tend to appear at least once a week on different parts of the world. These strange patterns of circles just appear mysteriously, usually in farmer’s fields that provoke delight in people (particularly to news media).

Crop circles attract lots of attention & invites more damage to a farmer’s crops (and profits). Many farmers file for bankruptcy, as a result of property damage caused by onlookers. A farmer who wishes to learn ways to reverse some of the effects of bankruptcy or debt accumulation agencies like, cbe collections , they can go to finance forums online.

Features and Appearances

There are different features in a crop circle that you may encounter – but you have to remember that most crop circles have slight variations from one another; so, many crop circles will not be terribly distinct. Normally, they are formed within various designs, such as squares, triangles and rectangles; and sometimes the circles lined up in along a curved line. In some cases, crop circles are considered a nocturnal event, because they are usually created overnight & usually sighted by farmers the following day.

Crop Circles – How Do They Work?

Many are wondering if crop circles are the work of alien design, or if they are only some sort of natural phenomenon, produced by electrical charges in the air. No one exactly knows the real explanation behind the occurrence of these mysterious circles. Different people from all sorts of societies (scientific, spiritual and philosophical)  have different beliefs regarding this phenomena, but an irrefutable truth has yet to materialize.

The large sections of cropped circles are gorgeously formed into patterns of rings, circles and other complex geometrical shapes. Generally, the patterns from the circles are formed when particular areas of the crops are compressed, while the other parts are left completely untouched. Upon closer inspection, the edges of the patterns are so clean, that it’s as if they were created by machine. One may not encounter a crop circle in their lifetime, but to witness the craftsmanship of one, up close, can be quite a sight to behold!

Crop circles were recorded as these sporadic circles that begun to appear in the 60’s and 70’s – in the United States and England. The phenomenon exploded around the 20th century, where it gained more popularity. Today, it serves as a tourist attraction in numerous agricultural areas. In 1990, there were approximately 500 circles, that emerged in Europe. In the following years, there were a rash of thousands crop circles throughout the world.

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