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David Icke’s Conspiracy of the Reptoid Illuminati

Have you ever heard stories about aliens? ..Surely, you must have. Of course, it’s man’s nature to be curious about it. Many Ickebelieve that aliens exist, but there are some that will just laugh their asses off and dismiss aliens as a big fat joke. There are some things in life that are just hard to understand, and equally hard to explain. One such example is reptoids, unique creatures that are humanoid, scaly and sapient beings that are alleged to be secretly living among us humans (at least, according to conspiracy theorists).

Many people believe that these supposed reptoids have been here on earth (living among us without our knowledge) for over thousands of years. The reptoids are cloaked in disguise and are allegedly playing some very important roles in the human society.

They are somewhat related to the illuminati, a powerful and mysterious organization that is secretly manipulating world events – in the economy, the media, politics, technology, religion and all other facets of human culture. David Icke is one of the famous speakers that promote conspiracy theories about the global politics, as well as, public figures who attempt to control the whole of humanity (public figures whom David openly regard as agents of Satan).

David Icke was a television presenter and a professional goalkeeper who has successfully founded fame in the 1990’s, when he started uncovering the alleged secret lizard illuminati plot; according to this famous conspiracy theorist (from the Isle of Wight), he has discovered that there is a race of shape-shifting lizards, or reptoids, that have been successfully masquerading as monarchs and presidents, for centuries! According to Icke, these reptoids are now secretly planning to crush our planet.

These flesh-eating, blood-drinking, shape-shifting extraterrestrials are among us, and have the intentions of enslaving the whole human race. This belief of David Icke has turned his life upside-down – from being a respected household name – to being a public laughing stock. But despite public perception, Icke maintained his belief in the existence of an alien cabal, and their plots for world supremacy.

Today, David Icke has acquired a massive loyal following , and many are coming forward with their own findings, with the intent to confirm Icke’s theories.

The internet has massively facilitated the exchange of information among conspiracists like David Icke; such that, many extraterrestrial theories, that were once regarded as hoaxes, are now viewed with more validity – to such a degree, that there has been an exponential growth in the number of believers, who regard the existence of reptoid aliens, as fact.