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Top UFO Sightings

There is nothing more incredible than UFO sightings. It is very much unusual (but possible) to see UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) confirming that the galaxy is quite vast, and you don’t know what lurks in the outer regions of space. There are a lot of questions, when it comes to the existence of UFOs, but there are images and videos that will prove that they really exist.

It’s nice to experience new things in life, but what would you feel if one day you see a certain creature that is of another world? Would you be afraid? If you still have doubts about their existence, here are some of UFO sightings that will surely blow your mind & put those doubts to rest.

1. Melbourne – In the year 2013, there were a lot of UFO sightings, especially in the site of Melbourne, Australia, in 2012. One documented event was on September 2012, involving high flying objects in the sky – some people caught it with their phones, as well as, their cameras.

2. 2012/2013- International Space Station – There were many UFO sightings that happened in the year 2012 and 2013, persuadeding many of the existence of extraterrestrial life; this evidence was further solidified when it was seen in an International Space Station recording, witnessing the exit and entrance of UFO’s in the earth’s upper atmosphere.

3. 2012- Olympics – The people who were involved in the 2012 London Olympic Games will surely remember this event. During the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, a UFO was spotted in the dark sky, among the fireworks displays. There were people who said that it was just a helicopter or blimp, but event planners and overseers of the event claimed that no aircraft was scheduled to be present in that area at that time.


4. 2011- Jerusalem – UFO sightings happened in Jerusalem in the year 2011. Israeli government claimed that said UFO sightings were just hoaxes, but since the place is a holy land in the Christian history, there are some people who continue to speculate its religious and spiritual significance.

5. 2010- Chile – In 2010, there was a documented UFO sighting in Chile, particularly in El Bosque Air Force Base – which was holding an annual show involving acrobatic performances from finest pilots in the world. A person who took the video did not even notice any anomaly until later, when he reviewed the video at home. Unsure of what he had witnessed in the video, he alerted the government of Chile, as well as some skeptics. UFO experts confirmed that there were some things in the video that seems to be beyond scientific explanation.

6. 1997- Phoenix Lights – UFO sightings happened in the 13th day of March in the year 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona. There were a lot of odd lights that were seen in different cities located in Arizona, wherein six lights in a row were seen in Phoenix, followed by eight lights in a row, then nine lights that were connected. The lights slowly moved then hovered, forming a V-shape and was sighted at 10 pm and lasted around 2am.

Shortly after, there had been massive technological glitches among many financial institutions in that area – whether there was a connection between this and the UFO activity, remains unknown;  residents who had the misfortune of glitched financial data, sought help or went to sites like to figure out how to repair their financial information. Some speculate that this brand of contact (from other-worldly species) stems from their curiosity & desire for a more in-depth understanding of how the human bartering system has evolved.

7. 1986- Japan Airlines Flight – This happened in November 1986, when it was carrying a wine shipment between Tokyo and Paris. The crew and passengers noted a bright object flying in the Alaskan sky. However, this object was registering on air traffic control’s radar as an object that was 3 times the size of the aircraft carrier. The massive object inexplicably disappeared, and traffic control discovered, later on, that what they had been tracking all that time, was a actual UFO.

8. 1977- Colares – There were documented UFO sightings in the year 1977, in Colares Island, a region in the country of Brazil. Numerous witnesses were attacked by beams of radiation, that left burns and puncture wounds; investigation of this phenomenon became known as, Operation Saucer. The investigation was recalled in the year 1990, and the files of the operation were classified and sealed.

There are several UFO sightings that are well-documented in different parts of the world. It’s easy to doubt the credibility of the existence of aliens or UFOs, but there is mounting evidence that will make one reconsider. And if there’s anyone who is reasonably skeptical, yet wishes to make a sincere attempt at weighing the legitimacy of said UFO sightings…know that you will (easily) become confused – as there compelling arguments from those who do believe – and those that do not. So, it is up to the individual to make up his own mind.

Needless to say, in this wide universe, there are countless species that have yet to be discovered. And who knows, someday they will make their presence known to us, without secrecy. It is not wrong to believe in their existence.

For every skeptic that dismisses UFO sightings, there’s another that confirms its existence. Remember, there were numerous city-wide accounts (from financial institutions) confirming glitches in their computer systems, after an unorthodox event had occurred (the source of which remains “unknown”); the number of occurrences of this magnitude, strongly suggests that it is more than just a coincidence. If you had the misfortune of falling prey to financial glitches of this sort, you can go to to sort matters.

Nevertheless, the solid evidence of past UFO events will assuage the mind of any skeptic that doubts they’re existence. It is possible to spot a UFO. Some speculate that, in the coming years, given our growing level of efficiency in space travel (as well as, our growing understanding of the galaxy), that we humans will cross paths with alien life, sooner or later.