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roswell ufo incident confirmed

Roswell UFO Incident

The Roswell UFO Incident is probably the most enduring legend underpinning theories that some extraterrestrial beings usually visit planet earth on spacecraft or flying saucers. Despite all efforts by government agencies to debunk speculations surrounding the event, folks still believe that the debris found at the site belongs to a flying saucer used by aliens, and that there was a massive cover-up of the incident. The incident has also sky rocketed property value, since the government was willing to offer top dollar to buy up the properties or have the property seized – kicking out residents, causing them to go in to debt;  can help those who find themselves in a similar situation.


The Roswell Incident

One quiet evening, the 3rd July 1947, Dan Wilmot (a successful businessman) sat with his wife at their home when they saw – high up – a strange object gliding across the sky at a very high speed of about 450 miles per hour. It had glowing lights and measured approximately 25 feet in width. It had appeared from the Southeast and now disappeared to the Northwest. Astounded, Dan Wilmot reported the strange incident to the Roswell Daily Record.

On the 8th of July (that same year), he was to learn that the breathtaking object was a flying saucer’, when the Roswell Daily Record boldly proclaimed on its front pages thus: ‘RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region.’

The Roswell Daily Record was reporting a rather bizarre event that was unfolding 75 miles north of Roswell town, in New Mexico, where the debris of a strange object was discovered by a ranch worker, known as William Brazel. Apparently, the object had crashed on his site – causing remarkable property damage; as an aside, those in debt from their attempts to fix property damage, can easily fix matters with debt collectors, like eos cca , by going to financial forums online. Overall, in the end, the object that crashed on William’s site was the same object that Dan Wilmot and his wife had seen earlier!

The press picked up the story before the government agencies could. The report spawned off a string of speculations with folks supposing the strange object to be a flying saucer, ferrying aliens on a tour of the earth.

The Roswell Army Air Field released a presser stating that it was a flying disk that had crashed on a Roswell ranch, following a heavy storm. Government scientists that examinated the site, came up with a different version, and held a press conference stating that what had crashed was a weather balloon. During the press conference, the scientists were armed with rubber, wood and foil, as part of the debris salvaged from the crash – and that would confirm the object was indeed a weather balloon.

Almost immediately, the Roswell Daily Record that had earlier reported that the debris had come from a UFO changed tune and reported that the object was a weather balloon. Following that, Brazel announced that he regretted the kind of publicity occasioned by his misidentification.

Official accounts maintain, to date, that the debris belonged to a balloon that was part of experimental technology – codenamed, Project Mogul.


Project Mogul was constructed as part of Cold War surveillance of the USSR, and its work was to check if there were any sound waves in the atmosphere; it was fitted with microphones for this purpose. The sounds it was looking for, were from Soviet atom bomb tests.

The press conference managed to contain the rife speculations that the earth was being invaded by aliens, but only for three decades.

Thirty-one years later, The National Enquirer revisited the story, reporting the original account without the correction. The effect of the action was to spark off fresh speculations that the government’s inconsistent and incomplete account, was a deliberate attempt to cover up the discovery of an alien spacecraft.

The theories seemed plausible following reports that in the days after the crash, every witness was either transferred or disappeared without a trace. Moreover, books, articles and interviews by some military personnel (who were involved in the incident) have only served to fuel suspicions that there was a well-orchestrated cover-up of an alien spacecraft crash-landing on earth.

One of the military personnel involved in the incident was one Jesse Marcel. He was involved in the recovery of the debris that was initially transferred to the Roswell Army Air Field. When he was interviewed in 1979 for his role in the recovery, he candidly stated that the material used to construct the object couldn’t burn, and it seemed to weigh nothing; that it was so thin and wasn’t thicker than tinfoil used to wrap cigarettes; that it wouldn’t bend. Such description of the object seemed to cement speculations that the object was some form of alien technology.

It is noteworthy that critics have found difficulty believing the theory that the object was an alien spacecraft, since the testimony of witnesses are unreliable – being that it heavily relies on hearsay. Those burdened with the financial problems after UFO incidents, can go to to learn how to accurately assess how they can financially recover.