Why the Chemtrail Conspiracy Is Real

Have you ever heard the word chemtrail? It is a colloquial term that is used to describe questionable airborne chemicals that are ejected from jet engines, while in flight at high altitudes.. These chemicals are witnessed by onlookers observing aircraft(s) that usually “sky write” or create formations of artificial clouds and weather conditions. It is universally known as the Chemtrail Conspiracy theory. According to this particular theory, the trails that persists in the wake of the high-flying air crafts, are biological agents or chemicals that are deliberately sprayed upon the populace for reasons unknown..and for reasons that remain secret to the public.

They say, if it is a theory, then it is something that is not yet proven, because of lack of evidences. But there are many who believe in this conspiracy theory, and they speculate that the main purpose of the chemical release may be for psychological manipulation, solar radiation management, weather modification, human population control, or even chemical or biological warfare. There are also some that concluded that these trails will cause respiratory illnesses and other possible health problems.

What are the reasons the chemtrail conspiracy may actually be real? Through many years, many would watch formations take shape in the sky, and subsequently, afterwards, notice changes in behavior among certain individuals. There’s new researche that proves that coal fly ashes are the main source materials for chemtrails; this contributes to the manipulation of the weather, with the use of aerosols – which are presumably created for geo-engineering purposes that are intended to offset the global crisis, that is, global warming.

The weather modification programs that were focused on enhancing the precipitation (to make artificial clouds using silver iodide) actually results in global changes in our planet’s weather patterns -and it appears to be more of a serious threat to planetary health. The chemtrail conspiracy theory is no longer a theory at all – it is now proven to be real.